Good morning Kathy,
I just want to say thank you for your reading and your healing. When I left your home I felt very calm and in peace. There was no fear in me nor feeling of desperation.
So again thank you so much. Iím sure I will come back and my wife as well.
God bless,


Thank you so much for the session and for the email ♥ was wonderful, I look forward to connecting again I donít mean to bother, but I have to say as the day is progressing I am feeling just WONDERFUL! I mean so full of energy and joy like Iíve been unearthed.
You are a blessing! I am so happy I was guided to contact Julie who led me to you ❤
This is the best Iíve felt in a while... Alexis



Kathy Bradley's new book, 'The Light Becomes You', explains an Empowerment process that allows us to create a better life.  A life where we choose which path to select; a life where we feel good despite external circumstances; a life free of past 'baggage' and future concerns; a life where we are in control, feeling confident, certain and at peace. Who does not desire a better life?   It is an exhilarating feeling of freedom! 

Last summer, I had the good fortune of encountering Kathy as she presented a workshop at a library event.  Subsequently, I read her book, which explains the 11 steps to Empowerment.   I found myself rereading some sections more than once, to digest the wisdom of her words. The book is beautifully written, in a simple to understand format.  We then began the 11 week Empowerment program.  It is a matter of changing prior patterns, implementing essential new habits, in place of prior ones that no longer serve us well, and it does require a commitment on the part of the participant.  From my perspective, the book and program are priceless!

The program is a perfect complement to the book.  First Kathy emailed me an audio session pertaining to a particular chapter of her book.  I listened, learned, and took notes.  Then we would schedule a phone session for the following week.  Speaking by phone was an opportunity to present her with questions, clarify my understanding of the audio content,  and have an in depth dialog. I shared with her examples of my progress, and how my life was getting better and better, thanks to her guidance.  And so unfolded an exciting journey.  The sequence takes 11 weeks to complete, with each session focusing on another step of becoming empowered.  Kathy is a wise and wonderful teacher.  Yet, she is more than a teacher.  She is a 'pointer', providing the tools and techniques, fine tuned with laser like accuracy, explaining how to change the way we look at things, so the things we look at change.  A shift in viewpoint makes a world of difference.  The process is ongoing and so are the benefits!


I highly recommend this book and program, to anyone who feels 'stuck' and frustrated, as I did. 

The concepts are simple, and they work.

Thank you Kathy Bradley.

Feels like I discovered the pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow! "


Blessings & Gratitude,

Arlene M. 



"I read your book, beginning with the last chapter as instructed, and felt it was written just for me. It was a beautiful gift for which I am most grateful. Our sessions have provided important insights to be experienced and integrated. Thank you."




"The beautiful flowing words contained in the passages of this book opened my eyes to endless possibilities, where we create the path of our choosing.

The clarity of though put forth by Kathy Bradley and the Empowerment process opened the door to a brand new awareness, as if looking through reading glasses for the first time!"


"Thank you SO MUCH again for the wonderful reading!  I feel much more centered, balanced and feel my inner compass is pointing me true to what my purpose is. Definitely, I need to trust my feelings and instincts, my inner voice and most definitely trust that my Angels and Guides are always there, wanting to help -- it's up to me to ask -- and then accept and go forward.  I really liked the tools you gave me to practice and I will endeavor to make them positive habits into my life.  Finding and taking ME time needs to become a priority -- the setting of boundaries where I honor myself and not break that boundary.   You gave me so much insight and hope and positive affirmations -- I know when I follow the advice from my Guides, I cannot go wrong, but I will head toward my true destination.  A place of sanctuary for all, people and animals, to find peace and healing."

~Blessings and Light, Kim


The workshop, Connect With Your Guardian Angels, changed my life. It was truly enlightening and a powerful moment ot meet my angel.  Kathy guides in a clear and peaceful manner and is truly gifted in communicating what the angels want us to know.  I listened to my messages, and my life has made a completely positive turnaround. I have Kathy Bradley and my angel to thank for that. Take this time in the New Year to bring energy and happiness to your life! Schedule an Angel Reading or workshop with Kathy."





"Thank you so much for the incredible Quantum Healing energy session you did with me!


I have never felt so safe, nurtured and cared for! 


During the session I reached a new level of relaxation and expansion that shifted me into a new realm.


The drumming at the beginning of the session was something that I had not experienced before. I could feel the drum beats anchoring my intention into my cells and it felt absolutely amazing!


The Reiki you did as the John of God crystals were beaming healing energies into my body made me feel deeply nurtured and loved. I was able to let go of all my cares and expand...and as I expanded, I could feel parts of my Soul coming into my body. It was as if my Soul finally felt safe to enter into this realm. The sense of well-Being was immense!


The sound and vibration of the Crystal Singing Bowls brought everything into a fine-tuned alignment at the end of the session. The frequencies felt amazing as every cell of my body vibrated into blissful alignment. 


And, as always, your angel reading was perfect! It was just what I needed, and a beautiful way to close out the session.


I like to lie in bed at night and pretend that I am still on your John of God table as I drift off to sleep...


Thank you again for such a wonderful session. I can't wait to do it again!"




Good morning Kathy,

Thank you for presenting this beautiful Ascended Masters program -- it was informative, interactive and fun. I'm glad you feel in the flow of grace and ease here -- my group of people definitely enjoys your energy -- as do I!

Light and Blessings,


Reiki For Your Life



Hi Kathy,
I just wanted to thank you for the amazing lecture that you gave last week at Joshua's Place! I really enjoyed it and all that the angels had to share*O:-) angelThank you for sharing your beautiful gift with us. I've always loved the angels and I am so glad that they guided me to come that night. All the messages that came through were very comforting and validated a lot of things in my life, especially the card that you drew for me about the indigo and sensitive children! I'm actually reading a book about these children, written by Doreen Virtue. It was the confirmation that I needed at this moment in my life!  I feel very blessed to have been a part of a special evening with a wonderful group of ladies! Thanks again and many blessings to you!
~Josephine Burriesci
*:)    happy



"Want to know more about yourself? Have questions about your life? Looking for guidance?
If so,  I would highly recommend an Angel Card Reading from Kathy Bradley.
At the present time - three months after I sat down with Kathy -  I  am continuing to work on a daily basis with the information I learned from my Angel Card Reading.
Kathy Bradley is a compassionate, grounded and knowledgeable practitioner whom I have known for many years.
I give my Angel Card experience with Kathy a five stars out of five rating."
-Jean S. - Reiki Master


Hi Kathy

   " It was My pleasure meeting you, and again Thank You for your gift, b/c that is truly what you have......"

Be well.............




"That was nice of you to come to Bellport for us. Thank you for your time. I appreciate your insight. My life has been amazing these past 8 months and spiritual people have come into my life one after another including you. Please let me know your schedule for private readings."


Thanks Again,



Hi Kathy,


"It was a true pleasure to meet you and have an Angel reading done by you. You were right on the money with me.

We all had a great time,  we all left with a wealth of information.

I will definitely ask for guidance and will spread the word as well.

Thanks again, you are a true blessing to us all."





"Hi Kathy:


it was a very exciting hour for me and I have been spending some thing going over my notes and seeing the support the angels are giving me.  Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable during the session.  We will be in touch again ---" 


Reiki blessings,




" My reading with Kathy was phenomenal! The messages she conveyed were amazingly relevant and personal.  The advice and guidance I received was insightful, very clear, yet gentle. It was a wonderful experience; I would certainly do this again- whenever I can!"



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